Send A BallHave you ever wanted to try a more creative and fun way to send mails and messages to your beloved friends and family? Wondered how you could make sending mail much more fun and effective when it comes to getting a response from the person you’re sending mail to? Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind mail that’s sure to attract attention? Then you’re in for a surprise with the Send A Ball, a new way by which you can stay in contact with your friends and family. It literally is about sending them a ball.

Send A Ball is a ball that you can write on, stamp on, and send to your friends. Compared to the normal snail mail, Send A Ball is a package you send to your friends, so they’ll definitely be in for a surprise when you decide to send them one of these. It’s guaranteed to catch their attention, catch the attention of your local post office, and even encourage your friends to send you back one. Each ball is about the size of a human head, made out of 10 inch vinyl play balls. They’re about 10 inches in diameter and look different from the balls you see in toy stores. The exact size differs as the balls tend to bloat up a little or shrink a little, depending on the temperature of the place where it’s getting sent to. Each ball comes in various colors depending on what’s available on the site, so you can make your packages much more unique.

You can send your Send a Ball anywhere in the world, though shipping prices may increase the cost, and the arrival time to the destination may take longer. The amazing thing about sending and receiving the Send A Ball is that it is almost impossible to pop/deflate, so you’re ensured that you’re sending and receiving something without worry. If by chance it does pop or gets inflated, the makers of Send A Ball will send out a replacement ball upon notification.

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