RotoRadio-Flashlight-RadioWhen I am making my family's emergency kit, I like to be very thorough and make sure that I get everything that we would need into our emergency kit. Recently I have found the perfect addition for my family's emergency kit. The RotoRadio Flashlight/Radio is both a dependable radio, as well as a flashlight. This means that we will be able to see what is going on around us in an emergency and we will be able to get important information from the radio.

The RotoRadio Flashlight/Radio has been rated for over 10,000 hours of use and this is very important in extreme situations and emergencies when you need to depend on a flashlight and radio. Now I won't have to worry about what will happen if it decides to go out on us while we are caught up in the middle of an emergency situation. I also keep a good supply of batteries in the emergency kit, not because I worry about the RotoRadio Flashlight/Radio, but because batteries can sometimes be faulty.

When you are putting together your family's emergency kit you will want to make sure that you have everything that you need to get you and your family through a crisis. You should have a first aid kit, food, water, a can opener, blankets, medications, and the RotoRadio Flashlight/Radio with an extra supply of batteries. You want to know that your family is prepared for anything and by having these supplies all together in one spot you will feel better and know that your family will be able to have what they need in case of an emergency situation. You don't want to be caught off guard should an emergency arise. I rest easy knowing that I have a great emergency kit put together for us in case something happens, and now you can feel safer about your family's situation too.

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