The popular animated RedaKai cartoon battle series can now be played on trading cards! Your little RedaKai fan will play just like a champion when he has the Redaki Trading Cards. Unlike ordinary trading cards, the Redaki Trading Cards bring the Blast3D technology into gaming, taking the play into a higher level. 3D and animation effects will wow him and his friends like nothing else. In no time at all, your child will be able to build his creative and strategic thinking skills as a Kairu warrior.

Any child aged 6 and up can already play with the Redaki Trading Cards. It is good for two to four players. The game comes complete with 43 Blast3D X-Drive cards with hologram animations. 3 character bays hold the cards in place. Each card has a different 3D hologram effect. You can actually see sonic charge waves move; sonic spin lasers twirl; and blinding lights shine. Damages and defense changes can even be seen automatically. A draw deck and card screen with Kairu counter hides the cards from opponents until you are ready to unleash your attack. An exclusive version of Ky, our RedaKai hero, comes with the deck of cards.

Gameplay options for beginners and advanced players are available. The basic Redaki Trading Cards kit is easy enough for kids; advanced gameplay and the accompanying battlefield accessories (sold separately) allow your kids to advance from basic play to more exciting ones.

Once done playing, the Redaki Trading Cards can be easily stored in the RedaKai tin, complete with hologram effects. It’s such a fun and entertaining game to have handy around the house for those “I am bored” days of the kids.

If you’re at a loss as to what to give children, you can never go wrong with the Redaki Trading Cards. They’ll keep children engrossed for hours on end while sharpening their strategy and creative thinking skills.