Learn how to play the electric guitar without spending hundreds of dollars on guitar classes. Raw Talent Guitar lets you use just any guitar that you can plug in. Once you plug in the enclosed guitar-to-USB cable into your computer, the software gives you a choice of music to practice with from over a dozen tracks. Play with different amp effects without needing a real set of expensive amps. Learn, practice and get feedback from Raw Talent Guitar – all done at your own pace and in your own time.

The Learn-Practice-Perform process is behind the methodology used in the Raw Talent Guitar which will teach you how to play the guitar even if you begin as a novice guitarist and will turn you into a pro in no time at all. Basic and advanced techniques and skills, along with some tricks along the way, will all be taught to you by the Raw Talent Guitar software.

Once you’re plugged into Raw Talent Guitar, you control everything. Choose to play along with the lesson videos by following on-screen graphics, or choose to learn the lessons in any order. Raw Talent Guitar teaches you how to play the guitar in six levels with each level covering five chapters. A feature called segment looping lets you a selection in the video over and over without having to press stop-rewind-play. Your very own instructor, Padraig O’Kane, leads you through each lesson, with each video filmed in a professional sound stage.


The RT Evaluator in Raw Talent Guitar keeps track of the chords you play and compares this against the instructor’s rendition. Your top scores are saved in your personal My Account section for you to measure your progress any time. Raw Talent Guitar also comes with Amplitube X-Gear, an industry-leading amp and FX model tool that gives you a wide variety of effects to choose from such as distortion, chorus, delay or rock out. There’s a lot of room to experiment to get your right sound. It will be so much fun playing as though you were really part of a live band.

Learn to play the guitar like a pro and amaze your family and friends when you perform with what will sound like a real, live band. Everything you will need to play the guitar is in Raw Talent Guitar.

Order Raw Talent Guitar from www.rawtalentguitar.com