Printable Baby Shower GamesWhen I was throwing a baby shower for my friend I had no idea where to start. I had only been to one baby shower before in the past and it had been many years ago. I tried to find baby shower games fro sale in the store, but they don't really sell games like that. One day while I was trying to figure out what kind of games I could make up to have everyone play I found a web site online that had baby shower games that you could print out. These games looked like they would be a lot of fun and they seemed very easy and inexpensive to play.

I printed out the different games which included a list of everything that I would need for the game. I went out and purchased the items the very next day. Nothing on the list was hard to find and a lot of the items for the game were things that I already had around my house anyways. All of the games were very simple to prepare for and the instructions were easy to understand and follow. I was finally able to feel as if the shower would be a success. The games that I printed out were baby shower bingo, celebrity baby game, baby shower word scrabble, baby names A through Z, baby animal game, pass the prize, what's in the diaper bag, candy bar game, baby shower mad libs, and TV show children.

At the baby shower everyone had a great time, the games really made all of the difference. I was surprised at how much fun everyone had, especially since this was the first shower that I had ever thrown for anyone. I would suggest that anyone that finds themselves in the position of throwing a baby shower make sure that they get the Printable Baby Shower Games. They will find that they make it very simple to throw a great baby shower.

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