PrankPlace.comI love to play jokes and pranks on my family and friends, it is one of the things that I am most known for. I am the type of person that takes April Fools Day very serious. I love to do things to people that make me laugh. I don't do things that are mean or dangerous, but I do love to mess around with people and get a good joke on them. I have always been like this every since I was a child. I was the one that always put toilet paper all over the houses of my friends on the eve of their birthdays. Everyone knows to fear me on April Fools Day.

One day I found the perfect web site for people just like me. Every since I have found this site it has been like a whole new world has opened up to me. The web site is and it has so many joke gifts and pranks that it is ridiculous. This is now my favorite web site in the world. I go on there almost every day to browse through the huge selection of prank items. I have also bought quite a bit of stuff off of there and everything has been high quality and gotten a lot of good laughs.

My favorite item was the remote controlled fart machine. I still have a lot of laughs playing with this thing. I use it at parties and it sounds so real that everyone around you will get offended. I like to put it under a chair at my house and wait until there are a few people in the room, when someone sits in that chair I will press the remote and everyone else thinks the noise came from that person. I would recommend that anyone that has a creative sense of humor should check out

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