Pirate's Code

Conquer the high seas with Pirate's Code, a free online game. Pirate's Code is a match 3 puzzle game that can reward you with BIG prizes daily! Up to $500, win an iPad or other fantastic gadgets daily. The real treasure is yours to plunder when you play Pirate's Code.

Pirate's Code is a classic match 3 game that has a timer. You have to swap the items such as bombs, flags, and the like as fast as you can. There is no time to dilly-dally, the time pressure is on. Blast away the matches as quickly as possible so you will get a high score.

There are a lot of free match 3 games online but none like Pirate's Code. The rewards of playing this game are real treasures! You don't get a virtual treasure chest, you get a real thing that you can hold on to. Money or gadgets, these can be yours to win with Pirate's Code.

The game controls are simple, you just use your mouse to swap the items to create a match. No new instructions to learn as Pirate's Code has the same style of all match 3 games. There is nothing confusing about it, no sudden surprises, so you can get to score quite high by swapping to match. Of course, if you get to match more than 3, you get a higher score.

Pirate's Code is your way to make money online while playing games. Enter the tournament! Challenge yourself and others! Beat the clock! Develop as strategy to score higher points. Make money by playing games online. Start with playing Pirate's Code!

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