For worldwide channel viewing, this PCTV 4 ME review brings to your PC access to over 2000 channels instantly and unlimited movie downloads. A one time payment, turn your PC into the total entertainment center and get to watch live TV from many stations from all over the world.

The Freedom Of Choice

There are days that you keep on switching channels and even if you have a cable subscriber, there is nothing interesting to watch. Now, you can get more channels and for sure you will find something more interesting than what a solitary cable provider has.

Many times you don't have a TV but you've got your notebook along with you which you can turn into a TV instantly by downloading the PCTV 4 ME software. If you are tired of loading up YouTube videos and watching movies from you computer, there is PCTV 4 ME with thousands of channels where you can watch the full shows and even the commercials in real time.

Many people yearn to see their favorite shows from their country of origin. To be able to watch shows in another language like Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and more, without subtitles, and get to see the latest ones are few of the distinct advantages that you will get only from PCTV 4 ME.

There are times that you would prefer to hear news reports straight from the source. Having accesses to channels from Albania to Vietnam ensures that you get complete news coverage, when it happens, while it happens, and from where it happens. Your concern may be because you have a loved one living in that country or business interests, and may have once or twice experienced the frustration as local channels don't provide enough information. Never miss out on what's happening worldwide when you turn your PC into a TV.

And, for a sports fan, there is no need for translation or subtitles. The commentator might be speaking in Italian, but who cares as long as you get to watch the live action of a soccer game and that of rally car events. If you are into martial arts, the shows that you can view might be one of the matches from Far Eastern countries.

Cutting down the monthly expenses of cable TV is possible with PCTV 4 ME. Just download the software with a one-time payment and you can use it right away. Watch TV, get access to worldwide channels, and never pay a monthly bill if you so desire to make this your sole "cable provider" because it has more channels for your viewing pleasure.

PCTV 4 ME Exclusive Offer

For a LIMITED TIME with this exclusive PCTV 4 ME review's online offer, when you download the software to watch over 2000 channels, you get all these as a bonus:

- FREE Unlimited MOVIE Downloads with over 80 Million Movies to choose from!
- FREE DVD Copy software for you to Re-author and/or copy DVD's!
- FREE Photo Editing Software to Find, edit, and share your photos in seconds and easily remove red eye and fix photos!
- FREE Anti-Virus Software that detects and eliminates viruses and internet worms with Free detection updates and scheduled scanning!
- FREE Anti-Spyware Software that detects and removes spyware, adware, trojans and keyloggers and includes Smart Updates and scheduling to protect your PC!

Turn you PC into a TV today! Download the PCTV 4 NE software to use it instantly!