Netflix streaming is a little slice of the future that I can take everywhere with me.

I love it so much, I just had to write a Netflix streaming review, and it really got me thinking about how much I use it and how easy it is.

When I first got Netflix streaming several years ago when it first started, it was a neat feature, but it wasn’t anything special. But now, there are so, so many movies, TV shows and documentaries to pick from. Logging into Netflix streaming service is like walking into an awesome video store via any number of devices.

I use Netflix streaming on the Wii, and am always streaming Netflix on my laptop in bed. My friends use streaming Netflix on their iPad and even their iPhones. Every Netflix streaming review I’ve seen has been wildly popular on all the platforms -- even the XBox and the Playstation 3.

The most important thing about streaming Netflix is the the speed and the quality, of course, and both are wonderful. When I first tried Netflix streaming, I was pleased with the picture, but the load times were a little long for my taste. Netflix has put a lot of effort into their movie streaming service the load times are down to almost nothing, and I can’t tell between watching on my Wii or my laptop and an HD movie -- it’s that good.

The Netflix streaming service works just like the normal Netflix queue. I just add movies into my queue and then I see all the movies that I have added in a big list. The best thing is that the movies from my normal Netflix queue show up in my Netflix streaming queue. This is really nice, because as they add more and more movies to the streaming service, I can fire up a movie I’ve been waiting to see without having wait for it to come to my mailbox. I’ve even cut my Netflix service down to a cheaper version because so many of the movies that were once only available by mail have made their way to the Internet.

Now, for the price of a sub sandwich and some chips, I can watch all the Netflix streaming movies I want and still get as many DVDs by mail that I have time to watch.

My favorite part of all the stuff coming to the Netflix streaming service is all the TV shows that get added -- a lot even get added an hour or two after they air on television.

I don’t have a DVR or anything like that, so having all those TV shows right on my laptop really helps to keep me up to date on my favorite shows. Big networks have deals with Netflix streaming now and so do obscure foreign networks. I’ve seen a whole lot of great shows from the BBC too, stuff I never would have seen if it hadn’t popped up on my Netflix account.

The Netflix suggestions are getting better and better too. I can watch something like “30 Rock” and immediately get a suggestion for a show I’ve never heard of, watch it and end up loving it!

Anyway, my Netflix streaming review is pretty gushing, but for good reason -- I haven’t found a single problem with it.

I would definitely sign up for a free trial of Netflix streaming service, I can’t say enough good things about it. How can watching hundreds of movies from bed be a bad thing?!