netflixSo, I used to use Blockbuster's mailer rental, and loved it. But when I moved to new house, there wasn't Blockbuster nearby. That had been my favorite part of Blockbuster, but without the store nearby, I decided to try out Netflix.

I cancelled my Blockbuster account and eventually sent back all my movies. I went online and found a free Netflix trial online, I whipped up an account for the house so everyone could use their own queue, it was fun, and we each had a moving coming at the same time.

The first thing that surprised me about Netflix was their Web site, it really made sense. It was easy to find my old favorites and all those movies that I could hardly remember. And every time I added a movie, Netflix would suggest other movies like it or even featuring the same actor or director. I am a huge Tim Burton fan, so I put nearly all his movies in my queue. My husband chose a lot of action movies and TV shows. It was great though, we set it up so that we could each have one movie at time.

Netflix's speed also surprised me. In two days, we had our first pair of movies. The mail we had forwarded from our old house still hadn't started coming! I got my Tim Burton movie, and my husband got Die Hard.

We opened the envelopes, popped some popcorn and watched the movies right away. I was quite happy that both movies (and all those I've gotten since) were scratch free and played perfectly. I hated coming back from the movie store, or waiting three days for DVD that skips.

The next morning, we sent our DVDs back in the same envelopes. And another two days later, we had the next pair. Even during the two-week free trial we wound up watching about 12 movies.

After the Netflix free trial ended, we decided to sign up. We decided to keep the two movies at a time and keep our separate queues. Total, Netlflix wound up costing under $14 a month, which was easily the cost of renting a few movies a month.

All in all, I love my Netflix account and tell them to sign up for the Netflix free trial. The ability to watch movies online was wonderful too. Even better than running to the movie store when I wanted a quick movie fix.

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