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I tried my One Month Free Netflix Trial last year and am still using this great service today! You can instantly watch all the movies you want, and for a couple dollars more you can get UNLIMITED DVDs by mail! After tax my total charges each month are just over $10. I think it's great that I can watch it anywhere. Right now I have Netflix Streaming movies ready on my computer at work and at home, the iPad for on the go, and the TV at home through the Blu-ray and the Wii.

The Customer Service during my Netflix Free Trial was great! This is exactly why I will continue to keep my Netflix account. When I started my Netflix Streaming FREE Trial, I had some wi-fi connection issues that were actually caused by our Blu-ray player. My first thought was to call Netflix and they were surprisingly helpful; they checked my account and were able to tell that my Blu-ray was not connected. Just by simply moving the Blu-ray player to a higher shelf on the entertainment stand I was able to get a better connection and it worked great. The best thing was, that after this 5 minute fix, the guy from customer service says, "I don't want a simple problem like this to turn you away at all, so I would like to extend your FREE Trial for another month!" I was really surprised that he offered to extend our trial knowing that the problem was nothing on their end at all, Great Customer Service!

Only $2 to add Unlimited DVDs to your account, definitely worth it! From my experience, a lot of the kids movies I look for can be sent to you by mail but are not currently available to watch instantly. There has to be a high demand for those and understand why they would limit popular demands to DVDs so it wont overload their servers. I have never had a movie interrupted or skip at all while Streaming Movies with my Netflix Free Trial or account; and for a mother it's great to know that my kids are not brainwashed by commercial advertisements while watching their favorite shows.

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