My-SongIf the birthday or special occasion of your loved one is coming up, you probably want to surprise him or her with something that will make you remembered for a long time. But thinking of that special gift can be quite a challenge. To buy clothing, you will need to know the exact taste and size of the person. If you are thinking of a book, you won’t often know if it is one that will appeal to your loved one’s taste or if he/she already has the title. Why not try something more personalized, something that will actually involve you in the gift? Check out My-Song Personalized Song, a unique, one-of-a kind-gift that allows you to create your very own personalized song in a professional studio, complete with musicians and artists. It will be a special gift of song coming from your heart which will express your love for the person who receives it.

My-Song Personalized Song offers two different options: With the Personalized Song option, you provide a short profile about the one you love like personality, character, hobbies and type of music. My-Song will turn it into a professionally executed studio-level recording, written and composed by musical pros. The song will mention your loved one’s name and include some details that you provided. The second option, the “Sing It Yourself” Personalized Song option is similar to the first, except that you will record the lyrics yourself at their studio and they will edit and master your voice to make it come out better. Just imagine the look on your loved one’s face when he or she hears something about himself/herself put to music – and an even greater surprise if your voice is the one singing the song.

Any special occasion is a great occasion to order My-Song Personalized Song. You can give this away not only on birthdays but for weddings, debuts, graduations, Christmas or Valentine, anniversaries and the like.

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