Still going to newsstands to get old issues? Online magazine deals are a sure way to save a lot of money. Want to know what kind of magazine deal is ideal? New issues are in - last month's magazine is definitely out.

A bunch of various magazines might look like a great magazine deal... but are all those titles what you really want? Instead of just buying one, you will end up with at least 3 or more with these packages. This might means you spend more for items you might not have been looking for.

Compute how much each magazine in the package would costs if you had subscribed to it for a year. Let's say those magazines will cost $12 for 12 issues a year. Each magazine is only worth a dollar.

4 magazines x $1 per magazine= $4 total cost

$10 per package -$4 total = $6 your total loss

With those six dollars spent on the wrong magazine deal, you could have gotten 6 more issues. Even worse, the magazine package might have been composed of back issues.

It's a common misconception that buying old magazines is a way to save money. Here's a thought for you -- can you imagine the delight of those who sell no longer wanted publications when you buy a few? That old stock is practically worthless. Unless you are purchasing a back issue for your magazine collection, when reading magazines, it has got to be the latest issue.

Get a magazine subscription to always have the latest issue. Of course, you must order it at a low rate. Magazine deals are all over the internet. How do you know what is the best?

Internet savvy shoppers are on the alert for daily deals. Sites that have daily deals are usually bookmarked so it may be visited as often as possible. This is done so that they can check the new products featured. If it catches your fancy, better grab it fast because the stocks run out fast.

The ideal magazine deals are subscriptions... as what are you going to do with yesterday's news when you buy back issues? Do you want to read about spring fashion in autumn? The good news is that you can save a lot of money with magazine subscriptions featured as daily deals. Let's compute one of these magazine deals.

The Parent and Child magazine has a two year subscription rate of $19.94 for 18 issues. The daily deal is Get 2 for 1 with the two year subscription rate for 18 issues at $9.97.

$19.94 regular rate ÷ 18 issues = $1.10 per issue

$9.97 daily deal rate ÷ 18 issues = $0.55 per issue

$19.94 regular rate - $9.97 daily deal rate = $9.97 savings

This is the actual computation of savings from the magazine deals of

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