Lumosity Brain Games TrainingThe brain looks so simple but is such a complicated, amazing machine. When kept active, it continues during our lifetime to create new neurons and connects these in ever-changing weblike patterns depending on how we use it. You can actually influence the number of new cells created by proper exercise and cognitive stimulation. As we grow older our brain cells start to die so we need to stimulate all areas of our brain to ensure that new cells continue to regenerate so that we are able to keep different skills like memory, verbal, spatial, cognitive aspects from deteriorating. A great tool that addresses all these areas and provides games to stimulate each one is Lumosity Brain Games Training.

Lumosity Brain Games Training is a brain fitness software program that provides brain training, brain tests, brain games and memory tests. Made by Lumos Labs Inc. based in San Francisco, Lumosity Brain Games Training was designed by some of the leading neuroscientists from Stanford and University of California San Francisco with different brain games that target and improve certain cognitive skills. For as short as 10 minutes a day spent on these brain activities, you can actually improve your memory and attention. It has games that train you to focus so you do not easily get distracted. There are speed games, flexibility games, memory games  and problem solving games to work on different areas of the brain, exercising these to keep them from slowing down. A number of these games have increasing difficulty levels so that you are constantly challenged by more complicated problem-solving activities. The website of Lumosity Brain Games Training is fun to look at and does not intimidate those who are quite young or those senior in age. Graphics and buttons are easy and large enough to be seen. Each game has a visual instructional area that teaches how it is to be played. Almost all ages will find Lumosity Brain Games Training very stimulating and fun.

Keep your brain as young and active as ever with Lumosity Brain Games Training.

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