Photo and videos can be awesomely funny with Constantly updated with new stuff to use, send an e-video that has your male friends dancing like they are doing a Chippendale strip tease. Even with zero knowledge on how to do photo shop techniques and videos, in a few steps it is possible to make a great one. Mission Accomplished

Make People Laugh has been around for 1999. It wasn't an easy start and the two brothers who owned it struggled to survive. Because of their persistence, dedication, and their concept of enabling people to make their own funny photos and videos online, they have achieved success.

Maybe you have seen a JibJab video before or had joined the site. You might think that this review is old news. Contrary to this common misconception, has a ton of more fun photos and content that those other copycat sites. has Free Material

There are so many photos and videos that you use for free. Create a virtual comedy gallery or a video of yourself dancing to Latin music, there is unlimited fun for you to create and share at

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Do you have access to photos? That's all you need. The steps to take are super simple. Browse the photos and videos to choose which ones to use. Upload the photo and do minor editing with the use of the tools. After you are done, preview it. If you are not contented, redo. Then when it is just amazingly right and totally hilarious, send or use the other options to share it.

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It only takes a couple of minutes to start enjoying this website. You need to register to get an account. Most of the photos and videos you can add images to are free. Don't spend a penny when sending an e-card. Create your own JibJab photo and video.

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