Game AccessIf you love to play video games on your portable gaming device, check out Game Access before you spend a small fortune purchasing all those favorite games of yours. Game Access is Canada’s largest online video rental service. Why purchase all the games you want to play? Imagine if you had more than one gaming device. Each game you would purchase would eventually amount to quite a sum of money. And after you tire of it, all that money plunked down on the games becomes useless. Instead, tap into Game Access, which has an inventory of over 10,000 games to choose from. For a minimal rental fee, you get the same enjoyment out of playing the games as owning one of your own.

Game Access offers three types of membership: Platinum (Canada only), Gold and Silver (both available in the US and Canada). It’s so simple. You start by listing in a game queue the top 10 released games you want. Game Access will ship to you whatever games are available, starting from the top of your list and depending on the availability of the release. If your number 1 game is not available, the system automatically checks for the game listed as number 2 and so on. You can keep the game for as long as you want as long as you are still an active, paying member. Once you return the game to Game Access, they release the next available game from your game queue. If you really want a specific game, use their Reserve Feature where, for a minimal monthly fee, you actually get the exact game you want. The Game Access site also allows parental controls so that parents can enroll their kids in their own accounts while keeping limits on ESRB rating levels so that they play games that are suited to their age levels. Want to have a game as your very own? You can purchase a rental copy at a much lower price than if you had bought a new one.

Game Access is such a convenience during rainy or wintry days when going out to rent a game is inconvenient and difficult. Once you’ve tried Game Access, video gaming will be even more enjoyable.

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