Frogger review

Frogger, a classic game, has come back to challenge the gamer to conquer more levels. Frogger, one of the first games to take the industry by the storm, has been a favorite for many years and then fade away into oblivion as new games came along. For those who are old enough to remember this game - the frog is back! Let's take a look at our old green friend that we have to help with this game by reading the Frogger review.

Has the game that was a lot of people's favorite in the 80's changed a lot? No, not really. The classic game still has the same principle as before - help the frog cross the street so it won't get run over. For those who have never played Frogger, this might sound pretty simple. Yet, as the game progresses, it becomes much more complicated to help the frog cross the street.

Watch this Frogger review video of Seinfeld's Live Frogger excerpt.

Frogger is still the same old one that was extremely popular but there have been many improvements done to the game. Frogger is now 3D. The 3 dimensional effect makes it so much better than the old 2D frog that held the gamer captivated for hours.

There are also new levels that create a whole new world to enter. Imagine, in one of the levels the frog will have to do some ski-jumping. It's the same old frog but now he has a life that made more challenging than just crossing a busy street.

Aside from these improvements, there are a number of new power-ups in Frogger. The frog can catch flies and other power-up items with his tongue for you to score extra points, get an additional life, move and jump more quickly, and get a light for the dark areas.

Great game made awesome. For those who used to love Frogger, it is a must-have. If you have never even heard of the game, play it! As soon as you do, you will be so intent in having your frog get to cross the street and more. Addiction level is quite high so if you want to be captivated by a game, play Frogger right now.

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