FlattenMeIf you are looking for the perfect gift for a child, you should think about getting them the Personalized Children Book. This book is a wonderful keepsake for a child and they will enjoy reading it throughout their childhood. The FlattenMe Personalized Children Book is a creative book which is made with a child's actual photo. The photo of the child is taken and put into the story. There are several stories that you can choose from so that you are sure that the story is one that the child will enjoy being a part of.

When your child receives their book with their own picture on the pages they will be very excited to begin reading through the book with you. This makes a great book to read with them and then put away for them until they are older. There are six great stories for you to choose from and all of them are fun and exciting stories such as GlitterGills and Here Be The Pirates. If you want to start your child out learning to love reading, these books are a great way to get them interested and make reading fun for them.

You pick the picture that you want to use and the book that you want to order from the web site and they do the rest. Your book will arrive complete and ready to present to your child. You can also get personalized invitations and personalized cards. When you order your child's book from FlattenMe Personalized Children's Book you are guaranteed a unique book that your child and you will be able to cherish for years to come. You will have your book delivered to your home in less than two weeks, so you will want to make sure that you allow time for your order to be completed and when you need the book.

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