FarmVille SecretsHow long have you been playing FarmVille? Have you gone around looking at the other people's farms and seeing mansions, villas, limited-edition items, expensive crops and other FarmVille accessories which you can only get if you owned multimillion FarmVille coins? Well, you can also be one of those whose farms will be the envy of your other FarmVille friends if you have FarmVille Secrets, the ultimate guide to growing your farm and levelling up at lightning speed.

Tony Sanders, the man behind FarmVille Secrets, has his own plantation already, the ultimate $1 million villa as well as expensive vehicles and decorations. He has reached Level 70, the maximum level ever. Now, he shares his secrets with you through this book. He spent a lot of time befriending major FarmVille players to learn their secrets and improve upon them. FarmVille Secrets is the original best-selling FarmVille guide. In this exclusive PDF-format guide, you will learn the exact same secrets Tony Sanders discovered. There are cheat sheets around that supposedly give you secrets but these turn out to be hacks. With FarmVille Secrets, each tip is 100% game legal. Here are some things you will learn from FarmVille Secrets: how to avoid the mistakes in farming methods that 99% of players use, effective ways for low-level players to earn money and points quickly, how to get dozens of neighbors in a couple of hours, how to track crops so they never rot, what to plant so you bring in the greatest profits, optimizing your farm layout, how to get items you want but can't easily get your hands on, how to double your farm money overnight, and how to maximize the money you earn from harvested crops in the shortest time possible.

Once you have FarmVille Secrets, you get all future updates free of charge.  Tony Sanders even throws in the Free FarmVille Cash Report, which teaches you how to grow your farm cash quickly, as part of your order.

Grow your FarmVille farm into a plantation just like Tony Sanders' in no time at all and surprise your friends with all your farm acquisitions and crops.  Your farm will be the envy of your farm neighbors.

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