eMusicI love listening to music on my computer. I listen to music every day. I find that it relaxed me to have some kind of music playing on my computer as I am working on it, or even just searching out things online. I used to listed to CD's in the CD player for years. This was because I didn't know much about computers for awhile and I was limited to simple searches and email. I wish I had known about eMusic then, but I didn't.

I never really got to know much about everything else that my computer was capable of. After I had started to become more familiar with the Internet and how to get around on my computer I found the wonderful world of downloading music online, this was a dream come true. I found that I wouldn't be stuck to just listening to the music that I happened to own on CD. I could actually search out the songs and bands that I liked and download the music right onto my computer.

I recently learned about a great web site that would provide me with a lot of music titles that I could download onto my computer, it is called eMusic and they offer a free trial. I took part in their free trial and it was as if a whole new world opened up to me. I had hundreds of titles available to me right at mu finger tips. I believe they actually have about 5 million available titles, this is the most that I have found online. The free trial was for 7 days and I did join after the trial was over, I was so impressed that I had to join. I suggest that anyone that loves music check out eMusic and the free trial. You will be impressed with how well the site works and all of the music that you will have access to.

Go to eMusic HERE and get a Free Trail!