EcoMugsI work in a medium sized office and everyone in there used to drink coffee and water out of Styrofoam cups. Every time that someone would finish their drink they would throw their cups into the trash, this always bugged me. I had wished for awhile that I could get people to bring in their own cups for drinking out of. I don't use Styrofoam at home and I didn't use it in the office, but no one else seemed to have a problem with it. One day I seen some great cups advertised that were called Ecomugs Custom Mugs. They looked like the perfect thing for the office that I worked in.

I printed up the information on the mugs and I approached my boss with the idea of doing away with the Styrofoam cups and just giving everyone the Ecomugs Custom Mugs to use while they were at work. He really liked the idea and told me to take care of everything to get the mugs for everyone in the office. I went onto the web site and I made the order. The web site was very easy to navigate and the order went through smoothly. When the mugs arrived we gave them out to everyone in the office and got rid of the Styrofoam cups, I felt much better about his and I didn't have to twinge with guilt every time I saw someone throw away a cup.

The Ecomugs Custom Mugs come with an emblem on them and everyones name on them. This way the mugs don't get mixed up and no one has to worry about drinking after someone else on accident. Everyone in the office does use their mugs now and they actually made quite a hit with everyone. I'm glad that I found these mugs and I'm glad that my boss went for the idea.

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