E-Z- Art ProjectorIf your child likes to draw then they will absolutely love the E-Z- Art Projector. This great projector uses a beam of light to create wonderful images for your child to draw. It also comes with 15 reels that will project images such as funny faces, animals, vehicles, flowers, and more. You will enjoy getting some great works of art from your child that they created for you with the use of the E-Z- Art Projector. It is simple for your child to work and it makes it very easy for them to tune in to their artistic side. There are over 210 projects that your child will have to choose from. Plus, they will be able to create more by making themed pages that they create.

If you are looking for a way to get your child more interested in drawing then this is a wonderful way fro you to do it. They will be able to draw those images that usually give them trouble and learn what they can do differently to make them the way that they want. This will help their self esteem and help them to enjoy drawing more. This projector runs off of 3 “C” batteries that are not included. It also comes with ten sheets of drawing paper so that they can begin using it the moment that they open it.

Another great thing about the E-Z- Art Projector is that it can be used and enjoyed by children as young as 5 years old. Older children will also get pleasure out of it. If you run a daycare, or often have children in your home then this is a good way for you to create a quiet time that is also productive. You will find that children will get very into their artwork and they will take great pride in creating wonderful works of art for their friends and family.

Order the E-Z- Art Projector at www.constplay.com.