Dwayne ColemanDwayne Coleman has taken a fresh and enlightened new approach to Jazz, Urban, Contemporary and Gospel music with his new, powerful album Ready 2 Love U. He’s created a fusion that will enlighten countless fans from all genres of music in this powerful collection of songs. If you enjoy soul filled and meaningful lyrics set over incredible piano (played by Coleman as well), Dwayne Coleman will make a fan out of you as well.

It makes no difference if you considered yourself a fan of Christian music or not, Dwayne Coleman has combined many of the best elements of music of all styles with his powerful, uplifting messages that can’t help but churn up feelings of love and spirituality.

People from any walk of life will be able to relate to and draw positive feelings from each of the songs on Ready 2 Love U and the talent displayed through music, lyrics and melodies is absolutely undeniable. You’ll enjoy and be moved by every track from the powerful opener “Always” to the hit single “Zion” and don’t be surprised at all when this album becomes the most played in your collection.

If you’ve ever wanted an album that had meaning, an album that you could turn to for uplifting messages when you were feeling low and a collection of songs that melted all of your favorite styles of music together into one, then Dwayne Coleman’s new album Ready 2 Love U should be the next music purchase that you should make.

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