Find out the fastest way to level up on World of Warcraft through Dugi's World Of Warcraft Guide — a one-time purchase. It includes a complete step-by-step quest guide as well as a Wayfinder for items and monsters. It is also compatible for all quests and all classes on both the Alliance and the Horde side on Cataclysm.

Dugi's World Of Warcraft Guide is lightweight and doesn’t use too much memory so it won’t cause your computer to lag as you use it with your game. Some features include multiple quest tracking, and quest history tracking. You may also choose to skip quests such as lower level quests and linked quests. It also adds a feature wherein an icon of your quest item will automatically appear so you may click on it to use it without the need to search for it in your bag. Quests are categorized by zones instead of by levels so that you may quickly finish them by batches. You will also be notified of those important class quests. Basically, the guide allows you to quickly level up even if you are by yourself.

The guide also includes a talent guide, which will help you spend your talent points in order to make the ideal talent tree for your class. This guide will not only help you level up fast, but also help you make money as you level up so you will be able to buy those coveted tier sets for your character. You’ll also learn how to earn reputation and gain easy achievements.

The guide works on both Mac and PC so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

You can order the leveling guide for the Alliance faction or for the Horde faction. Once you get your guide, you will gain unlimited access to the members area and this is satisfaction-guaranteed!

If you want to learn how to level up quickly by yourself, then Dugi’s World of Warcraft guide is ideal because you’ll learn how to spend your time and talent points wisely instead of taking on useless quests and less important skills.

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