Drum FrenzyDo you like to play the drums but can’t afford to buy the really expensive complete set? Don’t have the space to set up a drum set but don’t want to get rid of anything else to make space? Have your children nagged you about buying drums but you’re unsure if they are really into it, think it’s a fad and don’t want to invest in something they might just forget about later on? Then here’s the answer to your problems, and a sure fire way to get what your kid wants without burning holes into your pocket – Drum Frenzy.

Drum Frenzy is better than a full set of drums and can be had at only a fraction of the cost and size. It’s a folding drum pad set with 4 different drums that can be adjusted to 8 different tones, including cymbals, providing you with the ultimate drum experience. With the Drum Frenzy, you also get 30 preset rhythms, 10 demo songs that you can play along with and 20 preset drum combinations for easy reference. The volume keys allow you to practice in privacy or if you prefer to rock out for everyone to hear, you can do so to. Tempo keys allow you to adjust the play speed. A headphone jack is also included if you want a more personal atmosphere. Also included with the Drum Frenzy is a pair of drum sticks and detailed instructions as to how to use it.

Why spend hundreds on a complete drum set (if you’re not set on using it for a long time) that takes up so much space and will probably get dusty after a few months of not being played. Why invest so much money on a real drum set when you aren’t sure if you or your children will really take it seriously. Try out the Drum Frenzy and experience the ultimate drumming experience, at a much lower price.

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