My kids love to do arts and crafts. I always know what to get them for their birthday or on Christmas. I can never go wrong when I buy them art supplies. My kids love to color, draw, paint, and make things out of construction paper. When I saw an ad for Dotza! I knew that I had to get it for my children. When I gave it to my kids they were both very happy and wanted to get started right away. I was glad to see that once again I was able to get them some art supplies that they would appreciate and be able to make a lot of different crafts with. They made things for me and other members of the family that we could keep forever.

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Dotza! comes with a lot of different pens that allow my kids to be creative and choose how they want to use them. They also have an airbrush effect that my kids really enjoy. Now that they have Dotza! they have been making pictures every day that they come home from school. They even play with it on the weekend and I have to practically force them to go outside and play in the sunlight.

If your kids love to do arts and crafts then you will want to make surer that you get them Dotza! This is a great way to get them something that they will enjoy for hours at a time. You will love looking at all of the stuff that they can make with their Dotza! It comes with stencils, a storage case, creation images, pens, and tools. This is also a great gift to get for a children's birthday party when you aren't sure of what to get them. Most kids will love this and get a lot of use out of it.

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