DTV4PC is a streaming TV program that lets you watch thousands of world TV channels on your PC with NO monthly subscriptions fees.

You really can watch thousands of television channels from around the world with your computer using DTV4PC. The thing is, many of these TV video streams are already available for anyone to watch online. The problem with that is it could take months to find them all to watch online for free.

Dish TV PC software is great because you can watch the most popular internet TV streams along with hundreds of TV channels you never even knew existed. You can literally watch thousands of live TV channels online for months and never watch the same show twice.

I am familiar with this kind of software because I had purchased a CD from Best Buy a few years ago that did the same thing. But eventually many of the great channels stopped working after a couple years and I stopped using it. DTV4PC is awesome because new channels are added and updated automatically.

You can turn your computer into a TV or hook up a second monitor to your computer to watch TV on. I am lucky enough to have a monitor is big enough to be able to work on something and have Dish TV 4 PC running in a separate window. This software is great because I can watch TV while I am working in my home office.

Even though DTV4PC has more channels than cable TV or satellite TV service, you will still not find all the channels on Dish TV 4 PC software. It's a great service but don't expect to get HBO or Comedy Central, however you will find many great alternative channels to watch online.

Here is the DTV4PC breakdown:

  • Currently 1,056 Live TV Channels
  • No Subscriptions Fees
  • Instant TV Software Download
  • New TV Channels Updated Automatically
  • and It's Only $29

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