Diamond Plate Foosball TableAre you one of the 2 million Americans that play foosball weekly? How would you like to be able to own a top-of-the-line, futuristic and practically unbreakable foosball table? You won't believe it until you see it; the Diamond Plate Foosball Table has turned one of the world's most famous arcade games into a state-of-the art game table. With black and silver players, a chrome-plated ball return, and a dark green PVC laminated playing field, the Diamond Plate Foosball Table will stand out as the center of attention wherever you place it.

The diamond metallic table design is made for durability, so no matter how long it's played with, no matter how frantic the game might get, and even if you keep on turning the bars, your new game table is practically indestructible. You can practice all you want on your very on table and soon, you can be one of the professional table football players, get to compete worldwide, and even join a tournament where the cash prize can go up to a million dollars. The unlimited game play that you will be able to enjoy will bring out the best in your moves on how to bring that ball into your opponent's goal.

The Diamond Plate Foosball Table comes along with two 36mm soccer balls and will fit into a 34'' H x 50'' W x 31'' D space. A cool feature has been added to bring your playing experience to a rocking level as this foosball table has a built-in MP3 player dock with speakers and amplifier. You can play your favorite game while blasting music at the same time. It will make your foosball game become more exciting and overwhelming as you move to the beat and sing along to great songs while playing.

The Diamond Plate Foosball Table has stable and wide based legs and won't be easily tipped over during the climactic moments of the game, as foosball players do have the inclination to bang the handles hard with energy and have to move rapidly to turn the bars as the ball moves about the field. This is one of the advantages of owning a Diamond Plate Foosball Table instead of just an ordinary wooden one as can give you unstoppable arcade play for years to come. The legs of the wooden players tend to wear down with constant use and can even break, and the player will have less ball-handling capacity but with the new black and silver players, the game will always be fair as all the players will have exactly the same flipper legs.

Getting to own a Diamond Plate Foosball Table is can be done easily by ordering it online. All you have to do is wait a few days and it will be delivered straight to your door. This fantastic table can be yours today with a discount of 25% off the retail price. There are no shipping fees to be paid. Hurry and take advantage of this tremendous deal while it lasts.

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