air hockey tableEnjoy unlimited fun play with the Diamond Plate Air Hockey Table. Bring your air hockey game to brand new heights with the superb playing field that can make the puck slide at super high speeds. Strike it and see how the puck can float with powerful air blower motor adding more unbelievable fun, ease, and challenge to each and every slam you make. You can get to own one of the most popular arcade games in the world.

The Diamond Plate Air Hockey Table is manufactured by On the Edge and is a full-sized, 7 feet wide air hockey table, with a diamond plate design and aluminum accents which can be place nearly any recreational area you want to be in to become the highlight of that room. Made from top quality MDF with a white and shiny PVC poly flat and smooth surface, marked with red and blue printing, the puck will glide on this playing field surface following the control of your strike to make it go where you want, not matter how fast or slow the game will be.

Along with the unique and streamlined table comes 4 red strikers and 4 red pucks, which means that you can get to play a singles or doubles game. The Diamond Plate Air Hockey Table is sure to give you and your friends hours of fast and furious fun. Air hockey is all about strategy and you can get to practice those fantastic bank shots even when you are alone.

diamond plate air hockey tablePlace a Diamond Plate Air Hockey Table is your entertainment area and create a tournament. Find the area where you can place in your new 32" H x 84" W x 48" D air hockey table. It will give you those unforgettable moments of sheer, clean fun while allowing you to get a workout. Quicken the eye and hand coordination as you shoot those pucks at incredible speeds and make them float as the blower blasts out the air out of the tiny holes, lessening friction and helping the puck move faster.

The whole point of the game is to get your puck into the opponent's goal. Whoever scores 7 goals first wins the game. When the puck is on your side of the table, you have 7 seconds to hit it or else you lose your turn. Score goal after goal with that loud clunk as the puck lands into the goal until you finally win the game.

Buy your very own brand new Diamond Plate Air Hockey Table now, assemble it in a jiffy, and start playing air hockey like never before. Plug it in to activate the air blower and play the game. The Diamond Plate Air Hockey Table is yours to purchase with an incredible 25% off the already low price and you can get it shipped to you for free. You can order easily online and get to avail of the discount while the offer lasts. Stocks are running low and you can't afford to miss this deal.

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