Delta Force PaintballHave you ever wanted to feel what it's like to be a soldier at war? Are you celebrating a birthday or special occasion and want your guests to experience something different and exciting? Try playing Delta Force Paintball and indulge in war games with your friends and family. Adults and kids above 10 years old will have so much fun pretending to be soldiers seeking out the enemy and spraying them with paint.

Delta Force Paintball is the world's number one paintball operator. Since they have been operating for about 20 years already and hosting birthday, stag/hen and corporate events in their paintball centers, they always make sure that their equipment are brand new. You will have so much fun choosing your complete outfit -- from the type of gun to use, the goggles, body pack, body armor, and combat suit. Their game zones are fun and are varied enough to give you a different experience every time you go to their centers. They have zones such as Zombies' Crypt, Castle Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider, Black Hawk Down and many more. For the younger set like your teen kids, they have junior paintballing days. Since safety is of the utmost concern of Delta Force Paintball, you can be assured that your children are always in good hands. Before they are sent off to the field, each child's goggles and chin strap are checked to ensure these are securely fastened. The paintballs are issued to children only after a safety presentation and the guns, which are kept outside a safe zone, are only issued by authorized marshals. Not only will you and your teen kids have the chance to try out different battle strategies but you will also develop teamwork that is going to come in handy in real life.

Take your parties to a different level and try Delta Force Paintball. They will give you a different high and make it an unforgettable experience for you and your family or friends. And here's one more great deal.

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