Crosley 10-CD JukeboxAre you setting up a game room in your home and looking for the perfect thing to add that one special touch that will bring the room to life? If so, then take a good look at the Crosley 10-CD Jukebox. This is just the thing for your game room. It adds a special look to your game room that will really liven it up. This jukebox will become the focal point of your game room and it makes a great conversation piece. While the Crosley 10-CD Jukebox will add that special touch, it also works as the perfect functional device to provide plenty of entertainment for yourself, your family, and your guests.

When you want to achieve a certain look in your game room you will want to add those special pieces that give you a look above other game rooms. This jukebox has special added touches that give it a great look. One such added touch is the bubble tubes, this is a real attention grabber that many people love about this jukebox. The colors really bring it to life and give it that look that makes it your room's centerpiece.

The Crosley 10-CD Jukebox allows you to have ten CD's in it so that you get the variety of music in your game room that you will want to have. It has a front loading disk changer for your added convenience. It also has an Am/Fm radio that has an electronically assisted tuner. The Crosley 10-CD Jukebox comes with a 42 disc storage base and a convenient remote control. The next time that you invite guests over to spend time in your game room you will be able to show off your new Crosley 10-CD Jukebox while all of you are enjoying some great music that it is putting out.

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