Creative-Girls-ClubI have boys, so when I was invited to a birthday party for my friends twin daughters I really had no idea of what to buy for them. I asked their mom what kinds of things they were interested in and she gave me a vague answer which wasn't much help at all. I looked around and found that it is very difficult to purchase a gift for girls when you have no idea of the kinds of things that they like these days. I finally found something that I thought would be a good gift for them. They could do it together and it seemed like something that I would have loved to have had when I was a young girl. I decided to go ahead and get it for them, it was the Creative Girls Club.

I was able to order two of the kits which would mean that they would both have their own kit, but it was something that they would be able to do separate or together. The Creative Girls Club allows a girl to make her own jewelry any way that she likes, this means that she can really let her creative juices flow and get to wear jewelry that she made herself after she was done. She can keep the jewelry for herself or she can give it away to her friends. She would also be able to make other items such as pot holders or coasters with it.

When I gave the Creative Girls Club I was happy with their response. They seemed to really be happy with it and by the time the party was over I was glad to see that the Creative Girls Club was the thing that both girls were occupying themselves with. All in all, I think that it made a hit with both of them and I made the right decision. My friend told me that they have since made a lot of stuff with it and they both play with it often.

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