Cosmo BallsOne of the items that is a must nowadays in events that involve dancing, music or just a simple party is the Cosmo Balls. Anyone who runs a club or works in a band or as a DJ knows that Cosmo Balls add life to any place. If you were in a party or club, you know that ambience is everything and if the party involves dancing, one of the most effective ways to get everyone off their chairs and into the dance floor is when you turn on those bright, colored balls that radiate different colors in different directions. Boring parties are out. With the Cosmo Balls, any event is livened up and energizes everyone so that you can be sure that as a party host or hostess, your party will be a definite success.

The Cosmo Balls are actually two colorballs mounted on a heavy metal base. The balls have 30 multicolored beams that shine colored lights in various directions as the balls rotate. The balls are mountable so it is easy to keep them after the event. You need not worry that the balls will overheat as the Cosmo Balls come with a fan that ensures it is constantly cooled during operation. The entire equipment weighs a mere 10 pounds -- light enough to be carried anywhere. You can store it easily in the trunk of your car or van. There is no need for it to be permanently attached to a structure, which requires additional carpentry work. To ensure that you get the best performance out of the Cosmo Balls, your purchase comes with a 3-month manufacturers warranty.

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