An educational and entertaining safe place for kids.

Does your kid want to join a virtual world that is fun-filled, where they can make friends, chat, play games, dress an avatar, and best of all-penguins? Club Penguin is an interactive website created by Disney for kids from 6 to 14 years old to be able to meet new friends, have fun in a role-playing world and do activities that’s created just for them!

It start's with the kid creating their own avatar. The child’s penguin avatar can even have its own pet called a Puffle! These come in lots of colors and are fun! They follow the penguin avatar around as it walks around the virtual world, and like their name, they look like furry puff balls. A kid may choose them in their favorite color and walk around with them with their own style. Club Penguin offers Virtual Penguin clothes plus they can find more to accessorize the Penguin to make it more awesome.

Club Penguin is the best place for them on the Internet.

There are two choices for chat. Of course, no bad words are allowed, and if you want a safer chat level for a child, you may choose a chat that has preselected sentences. The other chat option lets your child type what they want, but bad words will not be allowed - like trying to mix words together to form bad words. If there is the least bit of hint that there is bullying - the one who does it will banned. There are also a way to control how long a child may play on the site.

Disney will do the monitoring for you to keep your child safe while playing in cyberspace at Club Penguin.

Have your kid join Club Penguin for free. Allow them to play in the wonderful world created by Disney. See if it interests them and what they may learn.

If a child decides to be a member, it gives them unlimited access to everything on Club Penguin, which means more games, themed events, and more interesting activities they can do! Your child can discover new things every week. It even allows them to go in priority servers and avail of more of the Disney Online Games special features.

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