Ceiva-WiFi-FrameMy dad is the hardest man alive to shop for. He already owns everything. He has a lot of interests and hobbies, you would think that this would make it very easy to find things to buy for him. However, the problem is that my dad treats himself very well, he makes sure that he has everything that he needs when it comes to his interests, as well as his hobbies. He also loves to read, but he is already in every book club so I would never know which book he already had. He enjoys movies, but once again he is also a member of all of the movie clubs. I usually end up going crazy trying to find a good gift for my dad and I usually end up just going with something edible.

One day I found what I thought would be the perfect thing to buy as a gift for my father. I found the CEIVA WiFi Photo Frames. These frames would allow me to give my dad the perfect gift, a variety of different pictures of all of his grandchildren. The best thing about this photo frame is that I can send pictures to it and update it. This way my dad will always have up to date photos of his grandchildren and the rest of the family.

When I gave this to my dad he loved it, his face lit up with the biggest smile. He said that he knew exactly where to put it and he put the photo frame right on his desk. He said that way he could see his grandchildren all day long while he was working. I plan on buying more of them soon for other family members because this makes such a great gift. The pictures change on the screen so that one picture frame will actually show many different photos. They look clear and the frame itself is nice and stylish looking.

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