Bodog PokerDo you enjoy playing poker? If you do but sometimes find it inconvenient to travel to casinos to play, try out Bodog Poker, an online poker room site. Play poker 24/7 now in the comfort of your own home. You are not limited to poker players among your friends or within your geographical area. You can now play with the best poker players around the world. In many reviews, Bodog Poker is tops as the hottest online poker site.

The poker software can be downloaded for free and creating an account is free as well. If you are new to poker, don’t worry. Bodog Poker contains clear and simple instructions as to how to play the game, including poker tips. You can download a free application that allows you to play different games as though it was a real money table until you get the confidence to move on to the real thing. Bodog Poker can be customized to suit your taste. You can play one or multiple tables simultaneously. The tables are resizable for those times when you either want a full screen on your large LCD monitor or when you’d rather have a smaller table that is easier to hide. Even the color of the felt table top can be changed using a color palette. The spotlight feature shines a spotlight on the player whose turn it is. There is a chat feature you can enable or disable. And the table rotates so that you see yourself sitting in the middle of the action always. Your persona online can be any avatar of your choosing. And even more, the software allows you to take notes on the other players as well as provides you table statistics such as view flop percentage and average pot size.

The fun escalates when you join the online tournaments. There are levels for the beginner as well as different other tournament categories to choose from if you want to be challenged. The tournaments at Bodog Poker include a weekly $100k guaranteed event, and millions in action each month

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