Blockbuster Total AccessI signed up for Blockbuster Total Access DVD rental service because I usually write a list of movies that I read about online or recommended by friends. The problem is I would forget the list when I went to the store.

Blockbuster Total Access also carries more movie titles than you would find in the local Blockbuster store. So I can also rent movies online that may not be available to rent at the local Blockbuster video store.

Blockbuster Total Access is cool because I can just log in and add a movie to my queue. The queue is basically a list of movies that you want to rent. They are usually sent out to you at random or based on availability.

The best part about the whole Blockbuster movie rental service is that THERE NEVER LATE FEES! Time and time again I would forget to bring back a movie on time. Trust me, these fees add up. This is not a problem is Blockbuster Total Access program.

The amount of late fees I was racking up this summing by returning movies late would pay for Blockbuster Total Access itself.

Movies are shipped to you with FREE return shipping envelopes so that you never pay to ship the DVDs back to Blockbuster.

When you rent movies online with Blockbuster Total Access you can also return movies to the store and exchange for new movies.