Allods review

Enter the fantastic fantasy world of Allods. Play Allods for free. Europe's no.1 MMORPG by Gpotato, the creator of Rappelz, bring you the incredible world of Allods online. Play this free game right now with the use of this Allods review.

Allods, where the League and the Empire are in constant conflict. Build your character, get your gear, and be part of this awesome virtual world. Take on challenge after challenge while you go through this world and get to fight the Big Bosses.

What is your fantasy role? The character building is great as you will find out when playing it after this Allods review. Stat points, talent system, and more ways that most other role-playing games that will enable your to make your character explode with spells or other skills. You can be whoever you want to be and go forth into the Allods virtual reality.

If you are into MMORPG, there is something breathtaking about the virtual reality you are about to experience with Allods. The graphics are terrific and the sounds are superb. Allods has been compared to the World of Warcraft but there is one distinct difference between this game and the other role-playing games.

Since the time of Ragnarock, you might have not been to beat the other players because they had used bots. Botting puts players at an advantage and if you don't do it, you stay at a lower level. Botting is considered as illegal though in some games, the moderators have already given up from stopping the players from using bots.

With Allods, the game play is fair as there are NO BOTS. With Allods, everyone is at level. It is your skill and strategy will make you level up, not a bot. It's a fact that bots are necessary in most of the other games, but with Allods, you can truly place to the test your skills as you go about completing the various quests.

Are you ready to play? Play Allods for free now.

Allods reviews