Air Strike 1941

Air Strike 1941, a classic game that can help you make money online and get to win prizes like an iTouch! Playing games online can be a rewarding experience. Air Strike 1941 is a free online game. If you got the skills and the strategy to become a fighter pilot, playing Air Strike 1941 can be the way to win money  and prizes daily.

Air Strike 1941 is a war game. Your objective will be to blast away the enemies fighter planes before they come zooming at you. As the game intensifies, there is more challenges presented. You have got to get rid of as many as possible to score more points.

Watch out as you can be quick at the trigger and accurate in every shot but if you don't move your plane fast enough, you are still in jeopardy as the enemy planes do fight back! You have got to dodge the items that are coming your way!

Air Strike 1941 is a rapid firing game patterned after the actual battle fighter planes of World War II. It's the virtual battle in the Pacific and you are going to have a lot of fun playing it. Are you up for the challenge of Air Strike 1941? Get ready to shoot and move your plane around as it is your chance to win the battle and win prizes.

Air Strike 1941 is the way for you to play, have fun, and get to reap fantastic rewards for your skills. You can get to play other games aside from Air Strike 1941 and maybe you will find your favorite game that will be easy for you to make the top score. Playing free games online is made awesome by the chance this Air Strike 1941 review is giving you. Play for money and gadgets and enjoy while doing so!

Start winning the battle against the clock and challenge yourself. Are your ready to fight? Fight to win the top prize! Play Air Strike 1941 now.

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