So you’ve got all these family videos, pictures and slides/negatives lying around the house? Just because the technology you used when you took them are now obsolete does not mean saying goodbye to memories. At Yes Video, they provide expert digital conversion services from several analog formats. Those precious childhood videos and photos will forever be a part of family viewing time when you use Yes Video’s specialized services.

Yes Video converts video tapes, movie film, photos and albums, slides and negatives and even memory card contents into digital form. For videos, they convert almost all formats including VHS, Beta (NTSC), VHS-C, Hi-8 Digital 8mm and miniDV.

Unlike many other conversion services that simply copy off the contents from the original format to the new digitized medium, Yes Video has plus services:

  • Intelligent chapters – Yes Video reviews each of your videos and puts in natural scene breaks into it. Camera cuts, fades and dissolves make viewing easier and more intuitive.
  • Personalized themes – There are 21 different themes you can choose from. There’s Baby, Birthday, Wedding and many more. Your video gets framed in the perfect visual theme. And that same theme appears on the DVD menu screen as well as on the DVD case!
  • Custom music – Choose from 25 different soundtracks to suit your taste, whether that is hip hop, salsa, reggae or some other genre.
  • Highlight video – The best moments in your video are chosen and made into some kind of trailer.- almost like a movie trailer complete with sounds and music.

Just ship your videos off to Yes Video or drop them off in any of the 34,000 retail locations nationwide after making all your theme selections online. That's all. Next thing you know, the finished product is ready - either for pickup or shipment back to you via UPS. And don't worry. The original videos are returned to you along with the digital versions.

Here's more. Your order from Yes Video comes with a MemorySafe account that allows you to share the video on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and even email. Your family and friends will love watching your home movies on the fly.

Never have to 'lose' precious moments due to changing technology. Yes Video is there with you to ensure you will always be able to convert these videos and pictures digitally so it becomes even better and more accessible.