Own a pair of headphones that not only gives you clear, crisp sound but is fashionably stylish as well. Sound Sleeves combines the best there is in terms of fashion chic and premier sound quality so that you not only hear your music in clear stereo sound but the headphones actually make a fashion statement together with whatever attire you are wearing.

Many headphones look the same. Sure, there are great-sounding headphones out there in the market but either they are too bulky and hard to carry around or just look so drab and blah in shades of black, gray or white. Isn’t that just too boring? That is where Sound Sleeves comes in -- to match whatever lifestyle you have with just the perfect pair of Sound Sleeves headphones.

Performance bass. high definition, great sounding, in-ear headphones is what Sound Sleeves is all about. Don’t worry about headphones that get so tangled every time that it is such a pain to untangle them every time you pull them out. Sound Sleeves stay tangle-free all the time, every time. And with every pair, you get multiple ear-bud adaptors to fit any ear size. It is totally compatible with any 3.5mm jack.

There’s a pair of Sound Sleeves no matter what lifestyle you have -- five different headphone designs in all.  Exotic Leopard and Exotic Zebra are part of the exotic series for animal lovers or for those who just want something wild that sets your headphones apart from the pack.  Covered in animal prints with a very soft feel, this is the choice of people who want to make a statement that they are different. Bling Pink, Bling Black and Bling Flash are part of the bling series. As the name implies, these headphones are wrapped in sequins and sparkle even from afar. Catch attention and make heads turn as your Sound Sleeves sparkles in the sun. Bling Pink is fun to use and is sure to click with ladies, young and older. Bling Black is great for men on more formal occasions. And Bling Flash, which comes in silver sequined design, will look great for both men and women.

Make Sound Sleeves your next headphone purchase. It is a unique and practical gift too for those who want to listen to music but also look fashionably chic.