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If your looking for the best way to drown out background noise with a dose of bass rumbling and sheer over-powering volume with a style that fits your personality, you have found it! Some SkullCandy Headphones feature a "Bass Amplifier Subwoofer" - (just a fancy name for bass level adjustment) which SkullCandy has labeled as "vibration" control... you'll understand after you put them on.

SkullCandy, eye candy for your skull, that's exactly what it is. Stylish designs to fit any personality, subtle to eccentric your sure to find the perfect headphones.

SkullCandy Headphones are made for those with Xtreme Style - all about Xtreme sports, punk rock, techno and rap. SkullCandy Headphones are highly popular in the X-Game demographic, featuring great sleek and stylish headphones, SkullCandy even has a headphone model integrated into a snowboarding helmet.

SkullCandy Headphones: Over Ear, On Ear, In Earbuds, Sport Buds, Gaming, DJ, Mic'd

Now you just need to find what headphones fit your personality! See our blog on some great SkullCandy designs and Coupon Codes.

SkullCandy styles extend beyond great headphones and earbuds, SkullCandy now features apparel and accessories for your extreme styles: Tees, Hoodies, Hats/Beanies, Belts, Wallets, Socks, Bags, iPod Docks, iPod/iPhone Cases, Headphone Replacement Parts.

SkullCandy right now is offering FREE Shipping on orders over $50, and most of their products are listed to ship within 1-2 business days.