ScanshellThe ScanShell Store offers some incredible technological solutions for a wide variety of businesses and corporations that can both minimize the amount of storage space required to hold pertinent information and dramatically reduce the potential for errors in personal information transcription.

ScanShell Store offers hardware that can automatically scan and store the information printed on business cards, medical insurance cards, identification cards and even checks and ScanShell Store also offers options that can read the magnetic strips or barcodes on forms of identification like driver’s licenses. The state of the art technology used in the hardware and software offered by ScanShell Store is completely accurate and can automatically scan and store the information present on a card in as little as three seconds.

The solutions offered by ScanShell Store make entering the personal information of clients into your database faster, easier and completely error free. With scanners from ScanShell Store you can have all of the necessary contact information from one thousand different business cards scanned and stored with one hundred percent accuracy and capable of being accessed and exported in as little as an hour.

Businesses like banks, car dealers, loan companies and medical offices that need to have access to customer or client information could benefit greatly from the quickness, accuracy and convenience of the tools that are offered by ScanShell Store. If you have a business that needs to be able to access the personal or contact information of thousands of different clients, the products offered at ScanShell Store could make your job much easier.

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