scandigitalA few years ago people thought that a photograph would provide an everlasting memory, but old photos are becoming outdated quickly. Don’t let old pictures fade away when you can renew them digitally and truly make them last forever. can take your old pictures, negatives and even your old, outdated home movies and digitize them so you can store them on your computer and on disks where they will be safe and you’ll have the capability of recreating them over and over.

Things like time and overexposure to the sun can cause your pictures to fade – if you still had a negative there might be a chance that you could find an establishment that could print you a new copy – but you’d be right back in the same boat again. By the time the new print begins to fade there most likely won’t be a place to go that can print a photo from a negative. makes it easy and convenient to truly preserve all of those wonderful memories in a format that is completely usable, where there is almost no risk that it will become outdated. Store and view your photos in dated and labeled folders on your computer’s hard drive where you can view them, share them and print new copies whenever you would like.

We’ve grown accustomed to the ease and convenience of digital cameras and camcorders, but that is no reason at all to ignore the photos and videos we have in older formats – you don’t have to ignore or lose the past, makes it just as easy to preserve as the new photos you take with your digital camera.

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