Delayed invoices and documents, strenuous printing, and getting swamped with pending documents for signing are now problems of the past.

Payments, invoices, contracts, changing orders, and settlements; all of these can now be done in just a matter of minutes through Right Signature.

With Right Signature, simple, hassle-free, and quick online signing of documents is possible. You can choose a document or set of documents, assign signers, place a message on the documents, and have the documents sent. In only a couple of minutes you have your documents signed without breaking a sweat.

No software, plug-in, or download is needed when using Right Signature. So even if the recipients in your documents do not have an account in Right Signature, they can still sign your documents as long as they have a web browser and e-mail address. This is a hassle-free process of keeping your business organized.

Right Signature has Google docs and Freshbooks integration, allowing you to send estimates and invoices to your clients for signing. This is very suitable if you have your own business. You no longer have to consume money and time for bulk papers and other clerical tasks such as printing, scanning, and faxing. Right Signature can help you save on expenses and effort while impressing your clients and getting more profits.

Right Signature supports a wide range of file formats like HTML, PDF, DOCX, DOC, TXT and others so there is no need for you to convert files. This makes online signing more convenient for you and your clients.

Authentication of signature is secured through the different features of Right Signature. These include the biometric authentication that recognizes your signature and photo authentication that enables you to include your photo at the time of signing through the use of a camera from an iPhone or webcam. These will allow you to justify and strengthen the acknowledgment of your documents. To make your documents more sophisticated, you can take advantage of the company branding feature of Right Signature to attach your company message, logo, or name in your e-mails for your clients to see.

If you want to keep track of the volume of documents you send to clients or associates, the performance statistics option of Right Signature will keep you updated. E-mail alerts will also be sent to inform you if the documents you have sent were viewed, not yet signed, or have been refused, enabling you to address the problems instantly.

The ease of using the Right Signature features will definitely help you maintain a smooth workflow. Even when problems occur, there is no need for you to worry because you will be given an old-fashioned yet effective customer service. Real people will answer all your questions regarding Right Signature to make sure that your problems are addressed properly.

With Right Signature, a few clicks is all it takes to sign documents whenever or wherever you are.