RCA S2204 4 GB Jet Sports MP3 PlayerIf you are thinking about beginning a workout routine to either tone up, or to lose those unwanted pounds, then you will want to think about purchasing the RCA S2204 4 GB Jet Sports MP3 Player with video, music, FM radio & sports features. This is a great MP3 player that offers you everything that you could ever ask for when  it comes to something to help get you motivated to begin a workout program. This MP3 player gives you a lot of features that help you to have fun while you are working out and it will also help to keep track of things like your lap time. It will also record your BMI for you.

When you workout you will find that you can do so a lot easier if you are motivated to start your program, as well as motivated throughout your program. When you are a person that loves music, this is the best way for you to motivate yourself. You will want to listen to music that makes it hard for you to sit still. You will be able to hold 1,200 songs on it so that you will always have access to the songs that you want to hear. When you are working out you will want to be able to listen to the music that you want to without any hassles, now you will be able to do just that.

When you are looking for an MP3 for your workout there is only one that you should be really considering, that is the  RCA S2204 4 GB Jet Sports MP3 Player with video, music, FM radio & sports features. Your workout will be important to you and you should have the best MP3 player to help you with it. This MP3 player comes with a rechargeable battery that will allow you 30 hours of audio playback so you can workout uninterrupted. It is also water and sweat resistant, as well as easy to read with a 1 inch display.

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