pokenYou might be asking yourself What is a Poken and what does it do? A Poken is a new small, real time social networking toy/accessory. You can store and share your contact information as well as all your pictures, your facebook id, twitter id, and dozens of other popular social network ID's. When you meet some one with a Poken of there own and you can exchange contact information, You can stop looking for a pen, All you have to do is bump Pokens and instantly your contact information is shared.

The Poken is fully customizable, and comes in all types of fun charters and designs. Poken's plug into any USB port to connect to your computer. You can create and personalize your own information to share with all your contacts. The Poken makes it fast and easy to keep up to date on all your friends social networking profiles, The Poken will also keep you up to date on new social network accounts that your friends create.

Getting a Poken is a great way to network with friends as well as important business clients, Never lose a important contact again, always stay connected with family and loved ones with a Poken.