PodFlex ProDid you ever wish that there was a way that you could watch your favorite movie or video on your iPhone or iPod Touch without having to hold onto it? Well now you can with the PodFlex Pro.

The PodFlex Pro works great for travel, for the gym or for your office. The PodFlex Pro can bend, fold or mold to just about any shape that you need it to for the ultimate in hands free viewing. You can fold the PodFlex Pro over the console of your favorite (or least favorite) cardio machine at the gym to help get you through those long and grueling workouts; you can fold it into a stand that will sit neatly on your desk as you have your lunch or coffee break or you can use it to pass the time on long flights where it will slide easily into the seat in front of you.

Kids can’t decide who gets to hold your portable device to watch their favorite show or movie on the long ride? No problem, with the PodFlex Pro, no one has to hold it, the PodFlex Pro will hang on the back of a seat or fold into a stand that can sit perfectly on the console.

Think about how much more use your would get out of your iPod Touch or smart phone if you didn’t have to hold onto it every time you wanted to watch something – with the PodFlex Pro you can watch what ever you want, where ever you want and you won’t have to worry about how your going to hold onto your portable device.

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