Philips Dual Screen Portable DVD PlayerIf your family travels a lot and you have small children then you will want to think about getting the Philips Dual Screen Portable DVD Player. This is a small DVD player that is perfect for your travel needs. You will be able to keep your children entertained with their favorite movies while you are traveling. This will help to cut down on the arguments amongst the children in the car and it will also keep them entertained so you won't have to keep answering that one question, “Are we there yet?” If you want a more enjoyable traveling experience then this is a great way for you to get it.

The Philips Dual Screen Portable DVD Player is a 7 inch dual screen portable player that is easy to install for entertainment in your vehicle. This player comes with an AC adapter, a car adapter, an AV cable, and mounting straps. It also plays most of the formats of CD's. DVD's, and picture disks. This makes it the perfect option for families that want to have choices when it comes to what it is that you are all able to watch.

If you are looking for a DVD player that is versatile then this is the one that you want. You will be able to mount it in to your automobile, whether it is a van or a car and provide on board entertainment for the family. If you have a very young child then you may find that playing lullaby DVD such as Barney and Friends can help to get your baby to sleep while you are in the car with them. This is a great way for you to make sure that your child is always entertained during a drive, whether it will be a long or short distance.

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