Net_NannyThe internet can be a very scary place, especially if you have children who have access to your computer. There is an enormous amount of objectionable material found online including lewd pictures, videos and profanity that can easily be accessed by anyone if the proper controls aren’t installed to prevent them.

Net Nanny helps you keep your children safe regardless of where they go on the internet, enabling you to block pornography and profanity from web pages as well as through instant messages, on forums and via e-mail. The powerful and innovative Net Nanny software allows you to keep track and monitor what your children have access to on the internet, even in areas that are difficult for other types of security software to reach.

Net Nanny lets you block certain websites and games that may have objectionable content that you would rather your children didn’t have access to and you don’t even have to be present at the computer that your children are working on to keep them safe. Net Nanny lets you monitor and make changes to what your kids can and cannot see as well as how long they can be logged onto the internet at a given time from any internet connection and you can even get alerts about potential problems sent directly to your mobile phone.

With all of the predators out there and all of the content that is completely inappropriate for children present on the internet, you need a powerful solution to help you keep them safe – you need a program like Net Nanny.

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